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Step back through time to the first half of the Twentieth-Century in America as depicted by the DeMajo Family Foundation's historic collections.

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The Museum of Yesterday is a tribute to the greatness of American Industrialism and lifestyle. Throughout the 20th Century, America led the world in research, technology, and in creating a lifestyle that made us the greatest nation on Earth. The development of that great civilization can be traced and documented through the efforts of one private collector who has spent more than a half-century accumulating remnants of those great technological advances and historical documents that were part of this great era in history.

The Museum Of Yesterday is a virtual, soon to be brick-and-mortar, museum housing the massive private collection. Through this site, the collection's founder has made this material available to our visitors, whether it be for research purposes, or merely to take a walk down "memory lane" to a time when we were all proud of our great nation, our political leaders, and the wondrous accomplishments of our people.



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The Museum of Yesterday's Residence Pipe Organ Project
See and hear the Museum's restored 1926 Wurlitzer Pipe Organ in action

Great Movie Palaces
Tour the United States and Canada with recitalist John DeMajo as he visits America's greatest organ installation

The ChurchesofVirginia.org and NewOrleansChurches.com
Sister sites illustrating the great churches of the Central Virginia and New Orleans areas


"ALL ABOARD ! " Railroads in the 20th Century as depicted through the museum's RAILROAD COLLECTION

RELIGION IN 20th Century America - Visit the museum's "home chapel" and relgious artifacts collection.

"HELLO AMERICA !" - The history of Wireless Radio and Telephone Communications.

"A VISIT TO THE DOCTOR" - Medicine and science in the 20th Centrury

WHAT DID SANTA BRING? - The Toys of the 20th Century Child.

"BY THE SWEAT OF YOUR BROW" - A collection of tools and implements from the American Industrial landscape.

"AMERICANS AT HOME" - A snapshot of the "At Home" lifestyle in mid-20th Century America

THE GOVERNMENT in 20th Century America

ART AND ADVERTISING - The museum's collection of paintings and advertising related art

"SAY CHEESE !" - The development of photography throughout the 20th Century

BUSINESS AND COMMERCE - depicted by the museum's collection of early 20th Century business machines



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The East Feliciana Parish Economic Development District

The Museum Of Yesterday exists to preserve the contributions made by American scientists, inventors, industry and historical figures. With the presence of today's progressive leaning government and education interests, much of the true history of the United States is being erased and rewritten. America was once the greatest and most prosperous nation in the world. This came about, to a great extent, because of the men and women who built this country, from its founding through the 1950's technical and manufacturing boom. We strive to preserve examples of American manufacturing and industrial ingenuity, including science, rail transportation, radio, household conveniences, and entertainment.

Please note: All items shown in the museum collection and exhibit pages are photographs or actual items owned by the museum foundation unless otherwise noted. Contents of this website © 2015 by the DeMajo Family Foundation.


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