DISCLAIMER: The author of this site wants you to know that he is 100% in favor of the preservation and correct restoration of historic pipe organs and their related components. These projects are not intended as a guide for the repair of an existing theatre organ toy counter. They were developed for the use of persons who wish to add a toy counter to an organ that either was not originally equipped with one, or in the case of virtual organs, where an owner desires to have a mechanical "moving parts" devide that is visible or usable on an electronic organ. Under no circumstances do we advocate the use of these devices, or the application of this technology as a means of retrofitting an otherwise working or repairable theatre organ original component.
This is a construction project to build a residence organ swell shade. The prototype was built to fit in the existing 30" standard door frame of a bedroom which was converted to a pipe chamber. The shade can be customized to fit the user's needs. Construction requires a solid-core door of the appropriate size. All of the other lumber used is standard one-inch oak and poplar that is available from home improvement stores.
View of finished assembly. A Peterson swell motor was attached to the linkage shown at the underside far end of the photo. Once the shade is installed and adjusted, the opening will be covered by a section of acoustically transparent white grill cloth, and a finish coat of white paint will be applied.
Views of shade under construction with shutters open and closed.
Below, Peterson operator and shade linkage.
Above, completed shade as seen from exterior of residence pipe chamber