Bern Rotman: I worked at WDSU from 1958-67. They were wonderful, exciting years. I started right out of college and left to become news director at KDKA-TV in Pittsburgh.

Charlie Matkin: I only worked as an announcer at WDSU-AM for a short time in the early sixties. I was hired to work midnight to dawn when Eastern Airlines bought a "Flight Facts" package, which aired on the hour. I played records the rest of the time. This ended when the station manager, Louis Read, met me and objected to my "facial adornment". My beard or I would have to go. I left.

Maury Midlo: In Fall, 1958, News Director Bill Monroe hired me to be his Editorial Research Assistant. (This was to be just a three-month job, as I was temporarily replacing a previous hire that had unexpectedly been called to military duty.

Gus Levy: Shown here (partially) with Ed Nelson, floor director.